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Do you need weight loss? Are you uneasy about joining a gym where people may judge you? Do you want a professional to come to you to give you the appropriate ,professional guidance? Look no further. Weight Loss Coach and In home Personal Trainer Phil Nicolaou is a Certified Weight Loss Specialist certififed by the prestitious, National Acamdey of Sports Medicine, as just that an Weight Loss Specialist. This means he has gone through rigorous testing and training on how to help clients of all shapes and sizes achieve that very goal, weight loss!

Can’t seem to lose the weight? Tired of struggling? Weight Loss coach and In Home Personal Trainer, Phil Nicolaou has some tips for your weight loss goals!
Muscle weighs approximately 60% more than fat, so why would anyone care if they were 5 pounds heavier but had a 35 inch waist, low resting heart rate and low body fat??
Our society focuses on “weight loss” and it always comes down to people lose muscle because they do not weight train. If you do not strength train, you will lose muscle, no question about it. Whether it is a weight loss center you are visiting, the best approach is to combine portion control, with variety of whole foods, fruits and vegetables, and small frequent meals with lean proteins!
I’ve have seen people ask me, I weighed myself this morning and I didn’t drop a pound in a month at all! Stop it! Your weight loss should be part of your fitness assessment. If your weight increases yet your body fat drops, you are putting on muscle. This is a good thing! Your Weight Loss coach and Philadelphia In home Personal Trainer, Phil Nicolaou can help you determine what is muscle and what is fat!
Keep in mind, the fitness supplement industry is a billion dollar industry. They make billions on selling “weight loss solutions” drugs that are glorified cups of coffee, or make use of some herbal formula that is not backed by science. Also keep in mind, companies can put whatever they want on a label, especially for fat burners. There are no regulations about this.
Your Weight Loss coach in Philadelphia can devise a plan to achieve the ultimate weight loss results for you!
The scale is too emphasized in today’s society. Yet we completely forgot about the “healthy eating” aspect of life and focus on that darn scale. The scale sees weight, plain and simple. It can NOT decipher between muscle and fat weight. So if you are constantly dropping weight and cutting calories to critical levels, you are losing muscle, so yes you are weighing less and I promise you, you will end up getting fatter! Allow Weight Loss Coach, Philadelphia In Home Personal Trainer to help you!
Try this on for size. Get up in the morning, weigh yourself. Then drink a pint of water, then weigh yourself again. You just gained a pound!! Oh no! You are hydrated. Water has weight to it! What do you think most of your body is made up of?! WATER! Did you get fatter in a matter of 10 minutes? Not at all!
If you feel confused or lack motivation or are even unsure of where you start, contact Weight Loss Coach in Philadelphia, Phil Nicolaou Today!

You can resort to the latest fad for a weight loss program, but they always result in a loss of muscle and other critically important lean body tissues along with the fat. The loss of lean body tissues (muscle, bone, internal organs, etc.) damages your metabolism and long term health. Long term, healthy weight loss programs focus on maintaining or building lean body tissue while managing a healthy, sustainable fat loss program.
Your IFPA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer  and Weight Loss coach in Philadelphia, always begins an exercise prescription and program design by analyzing the safe and effective use of the IFPA 10 Components of Fitness. Personal fitness trainers know all 10 components are important, but each component must be prioritized based on the needs of the client.
According to the current and reliable studies on the subject, the most important components of fitness for fat loss and body composition changes are: strength, anaerobic and aerobic endurance, and flexibility. These 4 components have the greatest positive impact on fat loss, muscle gain and the underlying physiological systems. Understanding the nature of the positive impacts from each underlying component of fitness makes it easy for the personal fitness trainer to develop safe and effective fitness programming and teach and motivate the clients the efficacy of the exercise prescription.
Strength training or resistance training (without going into great detail for those of you who love to battle ‘semantics’) means the same thing. Ideally, the personal training session would be conducted on modern resistance training machines. Resistance machines provide the highest level of stability, making this mode of personal training the safest for beginners and the most effective for fat loss. It is intuitively obvious why resistance training machines are the safest, but misinformation on the efficacy of functional training or core training may confuse some personal trainers.
Resistance machines provide complete stabilization for the exercise and this focuses the resistance on the primary muscles used of the specific exercise machine. Since the exercise is completely stabilized by the machine, the body’s stabilizers do very little work, while the primary movers can maximally contract with no concern for lack of balance or stability. This maximal contraction creates maximal stress on the targeted muscle which leads to maximal adaptation.
The misinformation on functional training or core training stems from the argument that resistance training machines only target 35 primary muscles and place little stress on the other 606 muscles in the body. While it is true that resistance training machines maximally train only 35 of 606 muscles, these 35 muscles represent over 95% of all the muscle fiber in your body. While functional training and core training can stress virtually all 606 muscles in the body and are critically important in athletic training to increase agility, balance and coordination, it is an inappropriate mode for fat loss exercise prescription. Research clearly demonstrates that functional training and core training provide as little as 30% of muscle activation to the primary movers as stabilized resistance training. 30% muscle activation results in only 30% of the stress to the large muscles. 30% of the stress leads to only 30% of the hypertrophy in the large muscles resulting in only 30% of the benefit the client needs to increase resting metabolic rate (RMR) so they can burn more fat throughout the day and night, even while sleeping. Just small increases in muscle mass increases RMR and therefore, the caloric expenditure is critically important for fat metabolism.
Functional training and core training, though it initially seems new, exciting and sexy, results in increased client drop-out because the client does not see results. Resistance training machines will enable the safest, most effective and quickest mode of training to accomplish the personal training client’s goals.
Circuit training programs and high volume training programs incorporate anaerobic endurance, especially in the 15 RM intensity range. Any time the personal training client reports “a burning sensation” in a particular targeted muscle or muscle group, you know you are in the Lactic Acid Energy System and therefore training the anaerobic endurance component of fitness. Higher intensity training 1 RM – 8 RM is used to train the ATP-CP system. Recent research shows that high intensity training, 4-6 RM, actually burns more calories than lower intensity training (15RM). It is also known that higher intensity training increases metabolism for hours, post-exercise, with the highest intensities showing increased metabolism for over 24 hours post-exercise. Research also shows that high intensity training stimulates the production of HGH (Human Growth Hormone), testosterone and virtually every other hormone necessary for fat metabolism, health and longevity!
Once your personal training client completes the first Meso-phase of the exercise prescription listed above, you can incorporate higher intensities into their 2nd Meso-phase.
Micro-phases in the example above are each individual 3-week exercise prescriptions. Meso-phase is the entire 14 weeks depicted above. Macro-phase would be a series of Meso-phases typically lasting one year.
The industry standard program design for the strength training exercise prescription listed above is to pick a resistance training machine for each of the major muscle groups:
The next FitBit will address anaerobic and aerobic endurance and the flexibility exercise prescription and program design. If you need some guidance before the next FitBit publication:
Flexibility should be conducted as part of the COOL DOWN at the end of the session and only when the muscles are thoroughly warm. Aerobic endurance and be walking, jogging, running, etc. or Bell Protocols. Bell Protocols are high-rep, multi-exercise system:
Bell Protocol One: Perform Squat with Dumbbell Curl and Heel Raise with Overhead Press together for one rep. To begin: Stand with light dumbbells held at shoulder level. Start down slowly on the negative, eccentric, downward movement in the Squat and Dumbbell Curl simultaneously. Pause at the bottom. At the bottom of the Squat, the arms should be fully extended with the dumbbells down, close to the ground. Begin upward, positive, concentric movement with the Squat and Dumbbell Curl simultaneously. Pause at the top. Now begin a Heel Raise and Shoulder Press simultaneously. You should reach the top of the Heel Raise and Shoulder Press simultaneously. Pause at the top. Lower Heel Raise and Dumbbell Shoulder Press simultaneously. You are now back to starting position, standing with the dumbbells held at your shoulders. Now repeat for 30-100 reps.
Bell Protocol Two: Perform Stiff-Legged Dumbbell Deadlift (dumbbells held at sides of leg and knees bent 10-15 degrees) with Reverse Wrist Curl on the downward, negative, eccentric contraction of the Stiff-Legged Deadlift. Perform Regular Wrist curl on the upward movement and perform Shoulder Shrugs as you approach the top.

More accurate description is fat loss not weight loss! 

Recently, research has reported that over 90% of ALL Americans do not get their nutritional needs on a daily basis! This is largely due to modern farming practices and never-ending love-affair with highly processed, nutritionally empty Western Diet. This includes the over-use of sugar, sugar alternatives, including High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) and sugar substitutes. Recent warnings by many medical, health and nutrition experts include the comparison of simple sugar and HFCS as addictive and as great a risk to your health as alcohol and tobacco abuse! You should also know that vitamin and mineral deficiencies lead to a variety of chronic diseases, disabilities and dysfunctions. These include, but not limited to:

  • Vitamin D Deficiency = obesity, decreased immunity, memory loss, high blood pressure, type II diabetes and cancer
  • Vitamin A Deficiency = night blindness, defective teeth, stunted growth in children
  • Vitamin E Deficiency = cataracts, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and cancer
  • Calcium Deficiency = osteoporosis, colorectal cancer, and PMS
  • Iron Deficiency = anemia
  • Vitamin B-12 = anemia

You and everyone you know should focus on getting as much nutrient dense food as possible. While it may seem easier to get your nutrition from supplements, it is impossible to do! Supplement means in addition to! You cannot get benefits from supplements if your diet is terrible. You need to consume lean proteins, vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, nuts, beans, pure water, green tea and other natural and unsweetened teas that are high in anti-oxidants.
Healthy foods, non-processed, nutritionally prepared and free from sweeteners and artificial sweeteners along with a healthy exercise program are absolutely essential to achieving optimum health, performance and longevity.
If you want to lose weight and please correct the misunderstanding of the weight concept: the GOAL is to lose FAT…NOT WEIGHT! If you are thinking about a FAT LOSS Program, lifting weights is not an option…IT IS A REQUIREMENT! When you begin to restrict calorie intake and/or increase exercise activity without a weight lifting program, research shows 22% or more of your WEIGHT LOSS will come from muscle!
Food for Your Fat Loss
Recent research shows that diets high in Vitamins D and Calcium increases FAT LOSS, these include:

  • Grilled Wild Salmon: 6 oz = 900 IU of Vitamin D
  • Monterey Mushrooms: 3 oz = 400 IU of Vitamin D
  • Eggs from Grass-Fed Chickens (OMEGA 3 – enriched)
  • Milk: Organic-Grass-Fed-Cows (OMEGA 3 – Vitamin D enriched)

Recommend a minimum of 4,000 I.U. per day. (Use of more than 4000 IU per day should be under doctors’ supervision). Sunlight on un-protected skin produces a highly usable form of Vitamin D that lasts twice as long in your bloodstream as when you consume it through food or a supplement, but you still need caution due to the risk of skin cancer. Recommended: 20 minutes/day of sunlight on unprotected skin if you live down South. It is much more difficult to get your Vitamin D from sunlight if you live up North, particularly in winter.
One critical problem with today’s society is our lack of physical actions. Whether it’s the fad diets we have, the never ending fat loss pills or the weight loss centers that focus on the scale, we are fed with tons oif incorrect information. Here are a few basic weight loss tips.

Get started right now with your new body! Imagine in 8 short weeks you’ll have a new body to awe your friends and delight yourself! Call Weight Loss Coach and Philadelphia In Home Personal Trainer, Phil Nicolaou TODAY!