Food Psychology, Hollistic nutrition and Intergrative health coaching!

Learn how important your gutt health is to your overall health and how to achieve optimal wellness starting with the gutt!

Learn how stress impacts digestion!

Learn how counting calories isnt the only way.

Learn how to reduce inflammation in your body with the proper nutrients for YOUR body!

Learn how the power of minerals can benefit you!

Learn how food can be medicine!

Learn how organic food is the best option and much more… GO WAY beond  a meal plan for weight management.

Food Psychology coaching is a combination of learning will power, eating the proper foods at the proper times and much more.
Allow In home Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Coach Phil Nicolaou to help you!
Are you an emotional eater? Do you find comfort in food and often feel you overeat?
When you become stressed, is food your safe haven? Has food become something that has gotten in the way of your fitness goals?
Did you lose the pleasure in food? Do you know what times of day is best to eat your biggest meal?
Here are some interesting facts for you from your Nutrition Coach, and in home personal trainer Philadelphia, Phil Nicolaou

  • Stress depletes nutrition. Simply put, anxiety, rushing, forcing, pushing and negative self talk all put the body in the physiologic fight-or-flight response. In this stress state, vitamins and minerals are excreted, blood flow to the digestive organs dramatically decreases, calorie burning is slowed, and hormones that signal the body to gain weight are produced. Our mental/emotional state has powerfully influenced our nutritional metabolism, regardless of the good and healthy food we may have eaten.
  • Proper Macro or Calorie? Which one? Learn which is the besy way for your body type! 
  • A majority of people who overeat think they have a “willpower problem” – but they really don’t. If you can’t seem to control your appetite, willpower is NOT your issue. The problem is, we don’t really eat when we eat – we forget to notice, taste, and enjoy our food. The brain interprets this missed experience of eating as “hunger” – and it drives us to eat more.
  • When you eat is as important as what you eat. This is known as Bio-Circadian Nutrition. Simply put, we are designed to digest, assimilate and calorie burn most efficiently between the hours of 12:00-1:30pm. That’s why many traditional cultures wisely and instinctively have their biggest meal at mid-day. So, if you have a tiny breakfast, small or moderate lunch, and a huge dinner, you are setting up the ideal conditions for weight gain.
  • There’s a simple technique that can powerfully transform the nutritional status of every American. 5-10 long slow deep breaths will quickly – in less than a minute – shift the body from a stress state of poor digestion and low calorie burning, to a relaxation state of high nutritional metabolism. This is a “must-learn” technique from the new field of Mind Body Nutrition.
  • Optimize Gutt Health by eating the proper foods to heal the gutt, build neurotransmitters to enhance your brain health and more!

And SO much more. If you can identify with this, and feel you can benefit from someone who is specially trained in this field, contact me. I can help! Contact Philadelphia Personal Trainer and Nutritio Coach/ Food Psychology Coach Today!

Get started right now with your new body! Need to regain control of what you eat and when, contact your Nutrition coach, Philadelphia Personal Trainer, Phil Nicolaou TODAY!

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