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Recently featured on the Medical Fitness network as member of the week for my work with special populations clients!

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Optimal Fitness and Nutrition -Done for you grocery list and custom meal plans!


A complete 360 degree approach to fitness and wellness!

Far from simply weight lifting and cardio! An integrated approach to fitness and wellness including flexibility,core, aerobics, strength, corrective exercise, rehab, lifestyle weight management coaching, stress management coaching, sleep science coaching and nutrition coaching! Your source for Personal Training in Philadelphia! 

Tactix Martial Arts-Self Defense-Cardio Kickboxing!

Check out some things some of my clients had to say!
“”My wife and I started this journey about 4 months ago. We weren’t sure what to expect and were a bit apprehensive about hiring a personal trainer. I have to say that Phil has exceeded our expectations. He comes to the sessions prepared, follows up with us during the week and changes the workout as needed. We started to see results in about 2 weeks and definitely feel that our core strength has improved. Do yourself a favor – just start, you won’t be sorry.” Lew A. Wilmington,DE
“Been working with Phil for a few months, he is very professional and knows his stuff. He designed the perfect workout for my husband and I. Easy to follow and suited to our needs. Looking forward to getting into great shape with the help of Phil.” Alisha South Jersey.
In October 2016 I decided to address my injured shoulders with better training rather than just straight up physical therapy. A google search led me to a services search site called, Thumb Tack. I received a few return responses, of which 2 had experience with shoulder, Dr. Phil seemed to have the better approach.
Trainer Phil, Dr. Phil, did a full assessment of my shoulders conditions. He gave me specific exercises and things to be mindful to assure I didn’t make my injuries worse… From October to December, we rebuilt my rotator cuffs, which I did not know are the building blocks for shoulder stability. Before I met Dr. Phil, I had made an appointment at Rothman Institute, there I learned the approach I worked out with Dr. Phil was confirmed as the best for me. My injuries were  caused by over use, and not from an actual accident, but even at age 52 I was not about to give in to physical therapy only I didn’t want to lose all my other muscles. Shoulders kept me from doing everything, the pinching would not even allow me to lift a coffee pot without pain, working out at the gym was very limited. By December, Dr. Phil had me at about 70%, he even said I could be bench pressing again by Christmas… For sure, he got me benching again, and even taught me the right was to bench. Through Jan & Feb 2017, as the rotator cuffs were no longer injuries but building strength, Dr. Phil pushed me little harder. Now March and I am benching heavy once again, all my other lifting has also increased, Dr. Phil told me my gains were going to be much higher having stronger rotator cuffs…  He warned me not to go too high, as rotator cuffs are not a show muscle, they are the behind the scenes stabilizer for the rest of the shoulder and surrounding muscles…
Dr. Phil rather I call him Phil, but for sure he earned his title with me. He always kept in touch with me by text, making sure I was doing ok…  Only trained as needed, was my moral support as I began to lose faith in if I was ever going to be without pain and weakness. Today I have occasional normal soreness after a long day splitting firewood or hard work out at the gym, for sure Dr. Phil made it possible for me to leave the pain behind. Dr. Phil takes ownership in his patients, he understands the body and helps educate you how to understand your own body. I can’t believe how what I thought was hopeless is now my getting use to being without pain…  My hats off to Dr. Phil, thank you for giving me back my confidence and making it possible to rehabilitate my shoulders and take away my years of being in pain and weakness.
Dave (age 52)”



Hello Im Dr. Phil Nicolaou. Welcome to Optimal Fitness and Nutrition. I have been in this industry since 1999 , I’ve worked in health clubs and since 2008 decided to branch out on my own. My issue was the lack of quality of training in the industry. Too many trainers simply count reps and sets and fail to truly give a custom workout! Exercise science has evolved!

After my own transformation and seeing what clubs offer, I decided to offer unparalleled service to my clients. Offering the latest evidence based exercise technique and rationale. I offer post rehab, corrective exercise, weight loss, strength training, core conditioning, and special needs (chronic conditions training) sleep science coaching and more! I’m the only trainer in Philadelphia who passed a grueling Master Trainer program through 4 of the most prestigious fitness schools in the country. The most prestigious being the National Academy of Sports Medicine.  It goes far beyond passing any single exam. In fact it required a live workshop to be graded by their master instructors! In this live workshop, only a few trainers are selected per year due to the criteria that they set forth.
Through my journey I realized that people are very different in their needs and abilities! Traditional workouts while being fine, aren’t for everyone initially.

People don’t sleep well, and don’t move well! Its no longer just about lifting weights! Allow Dr. Phil, Philadelphia Personal Trainer to help you!

I make sure to look at YOUR posture and see how your body is moving to make sure it is moving the way it was designed to before I simply put you through a resistance workout!

I coach on proper sleep habits that help you in overall wellness! In fact lack of sleep  leads to countless chronic conditions in and of itself! As your sleep science coach and Philadelphia Personal Trainer, I can help!

I coach you on stress management techniques and diet as well!

You will be hard pressed to find a more all inclusive fitness service in Philadelphia.

With my system you WILL experience with the Optimum Performance Training System in just weeks:

Loss of body fat-through a specific training system designed to have you burn calories up to 48 hours after your workout. In addition get a custom designed meal plan designed for YOUR body type! Learn what to eat and when to melt the fat ,build muscle and boost your metabolism!
Increased Lean Body Mass
Great balance
Great Core Stability and Strength (eliminating back pain)
Enhanced Posture (avoid joint injury) 
That lean and fit look! 
Learn how to maximize your sleep to feel great in the morning!
Learn how to manage stress that can hinder your results!
Learn how to optimize your hormone production to maximize muscle building and fat loss.
Fit into those skinny jeans or old favorite clothes guaranteed!
Need Rehab? I’m also a Certified Post Rehab Specialist. 

The Optimum Performance Training MODEL HAS BEEN EXTREMELY SUCCESSFUL IN HELPING MY CLIENTS  REDUCE THEIR BODY FAT, INCREASE LEAN MUSCLE MASS AND STRENGTH, AND IMPROVE PERFORMANCE AND OVERALL HEALTH. Train OPTIMALLY! With Personal Trainer in Philadelphia ,Dr. Phil Nicolaou! My clients below made their decision to transform their lives, now its YOUR turn!




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“I’m trying to get used to not being in pain.” Dave, King Of Prussia. After a month of my rehab workouts! 

“”Phil was an excellent trainer- I enjoyed our workouts together. He answered all of my nutritional questions and was accessible. I could tell that he cared about my well-being. I would recommend him to anyone who’s looking to get fit!” Thirin F.

 I offer my personal training in Philadelphia , Northern Liberties, Center City and surrounding areas. Also offering personal training in Ardmore ,Wynnewood and Bryn Mawr at the Wynnewood Fitness Station! 


Dr. Phil Nicolaou offering in home personal training in Philadelphia and studio training in Philadelphia and the Main Line!

Here is what the founder and CEO of one of the elite accrediting bodies had to say about me:

“Dr. Phil Nicolaou is an Outstanding Philadelphia Personal Trainer . His dedication lead to him acquiring a PhD in Fitness Training and  Medical Fitness Specialization so he could do the very best job possible for everyone he encounters! He is focused on helping others do their best and become their best! You have made the best decision hiring Dr. Phil as your fitness professional. He is one of the elite of the field! Dr. Jim Bell CEO IFPA. “”
Christine had difficulty walking now look at her after 3 months of workout out with me.. Check out the video above.. imagine going from not being able to walk to doing one legged TRX squats! Imagine what I can do for you!! Your Personal Trainer solution in Philadelphia! 
Philadelphia Personal Trainer Phil Nicolaou knows that muscle imbalances prevent the body from functioning properly through every day life. So if they are not corrected, they will hinder your results! The core of my system allows me to determine how well your body moves so that I can maximize your body’s muscular alignment which in turn gets YOU Optimal results!
Philadelphia In Home Personal Trainer Phil Nicolaou can help you get the body you want!
Philadelphia Personal Trainer Phil Nicolaou also understands that nutrition is a big part. Let him fine tune and manipulate your nutrition intake. A few key strategies in nutritional intake can help boost the metabolism and really burn off the fat. Best part is this can all be done right in the comfort of your own home with our in home personal training services. My nutrition planning is completely custom designed and accessible via any device or computer! (additional fees apply)
Imagine in just a few shorts weeks you will get the body you want ! Let Phil Nicolaou, Philadelphia’s Personal Trainer get you there with his in home Philadelphia Personal Trainer service.

I’ll provide you with the guidance and knowledge to achieve the results you want. Let me help you lose the weight, firm and tone and get your body back NOW! Train in your home with an affordable, unique and effective in home personal training service.If you want results in the most effective way, contact Philadelphia Personal Trainer Phil Nicolaou NOW! Need proof? Look Below!


Do you have a Chronic Condition? 


 Suffering from an old injury? Have a special need? Parkinsons? Fibromyalgia, stroke? I can help with any chronic condition! I am a Certified Special Needs Training Specialist and My doctoral education was a concentration in chronic disease management.

Check out some of my other latest reviews from everyday people that decided to hire Dr. Phil as their Philadelphia Personal Trainer!
Personal Training review from Mr. March King of Prussia area came to me with shoulder difficulties and in just a few sessions 

Dr. Phil is not just a trainer

“I prefer to use his professional title, Dr.Phil, as he is not just a trainer, he understands body physics. Doing an excellent job with my rehab needs for my shoulders.. Helping me to understand right from wrong when it come to muscle building.”

“As I said there is a difference between a “certified trainer” and a Doctor of exercise science and medical rehab. ” 
I’m 64 and haven’t been to a gym in years. I’m not trying to be a model just lose some weight and get healthy. I was really nervous my first season about what I’d be able to do and how I would be looked at being overweight and out of shape. Phil made me feel comfortable from the very beginning. He is very patient and encouraging. Phil started me on things that I was able to do. The workout is interesting and the time flies. He makes me feel like I’m not actually as bad as I think I am and that I CAN DO THIS. I’m really glad I (finally) got started.” Lucky R. Philadelphia.
“Phil is fantastic! He has been really great to work with. I have been dealing with chronic pain and lack of diagnosis for a year. With Phil’s help I am getting stronger in spite of not being able to do weight-bearing exercises. I really appreciate how he has catered the program to work with my body’s limitations. He is a great motivator and I am always amazed at much I accomplish in just an hour.” Christine L. Northeast Philadelphia.
“Phil was very professional,courteous and very helpful. His experience and knowledge shows through his vast education . I have had trainers before but in just a short time I realized his experience and knowledge are above anything ive ever seen and yet he’s humble
He helped me get off of medicine for various issues and his system is like no other.
If you want an experienced respectful and exceptionally knowledgeable trainer contact him. Not all trainers are the same and it’s very evident in this case.”
Phil helped me get my life back when modern medicine and others didn’t.
I had low back issues and various injuries and needed a trainer to understand that.
Thanks dr phil” Carol C

Now that you’ve seen some of my clients success stories and pictures of their transformation its YOUR turn! I combine the latest in exercise science evidence based techniques to get you the BEST results, PERIOD!
It is your health. Why not keep your body running as it is meant to be , a fine oiled machine!

Interested in working with Dr. Phil,Philadelphia Personal Trainer?

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As a PhD in Fitness Training and a Multi Master Certified Personal Trainer, Philadelphia Personal Trainer can get you the best results, PERIOD! I bring the workout to you with my in home personal trainer Philadelphia service or in studio at Philadelphia’s as our Personal Training Studio in Philadelphia. I also offer personal training out of the Wynne Wood fitness Station in Ardmore,Pa!
When you decide to work with Phil Nicolaou and Philadelphia Personal Trainers whether it is in home personal training , you are working with the best. You are getting a fitness professional, not a rep counter, but someone who has in depth education and experience. Not someone who enjoys working out as a hobby. I don’t think a hobbyist would complete a Doctoral degree for a hobby.
I will come to you, as a your In Home Personal Trainer Philadelphia ,and look at your lifestyle. We will look at each aspect of you life and how to maximize it so that we maximize your chances of success. I look at diet, exercise, and lifestyle. I believe that Philadelphia Personal Training has to be custom tailored to you the individual. One of the key differences I offer and incorporate which very few do is corrective exercise. How well do you move? This allows Philadelphia Personal Trainer Phil Nicolaou to find the weak link in your body and fix it, giving you the best in custom design and the best in results for your in home personal training in Philadelphia or in studio at
Just a few of my credentials shown below. Check out my complete list or look below for a few pictures! ! Your Personal Trainer and Fitness Professional in Philadelphia!

Philadelphia Personal Trainers bring the workout to your home, or office, in Center city Philadelphia to work with you. Allow Philadelphia Personal Trainer, Phil Nicolaou get you results NOW! PhD Designed workouts to your door only with in home personal trainer Philadelphia, Dr. Phil Nicolaou. 
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