Philadelphia In home Personal Trainer Addresses Posture!

The importance of posture!

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Unfortunately most fitness professionals today focus on the weight training aspect of a workout program.  Posture is a very overlooked aspect of a workout.

What is posture? Posture is your bodies alignment while performing all exercises. There is a wrong way to perform an exercise and a correct way. You want to avoid certain angles while doing exercises that put excess pressure on joints that can do more harm than good. There is a correct way to do a squat and an incorrect way to do a squat. What happens is your body will compensate and be put into an awkward position, which you may or may not realize immediately. In time you will probably get injured.

Philadelphia In home Personal Trainer

Your Philadelphia  in home personal trainer Dr. Phil Nicolaou, is also a NPI (National Posture Institute ) Certified Posture Specialist. I have been trained to look at the bodies alignment, and to ensure it is optimal before simply engaging the client in a resistance training program. If the posture and body alignment is not optimal, the traditional exercise will be causing more harm that good.

Philadelphia In Home Personal Trainer

What you can expect when working with a Philadelphia In Home Personal Trainer and a Posture Specialist

  • Teach individuals how to implement the NPI posture assessment program into their organizations current health and exercise assessment program
  • Evaluate the anatomical structures of the vertebral column and other extremities using the NPI’s Posture and Body Alignment Grid™
  • Review how poor posture and body alignment develop, and how this condition can increase the chances of postural dysfunction, back pain, and risk of injury
  • Teach and provide an overview of the exercise sciences such as anatomy, kinesiology, exercise physiology, and program details of performing postural assessments
  • Teach methods to correct alignment, reverse patterns, improve posture, relieve back pain and train people through cognitive methods via the NPI’s Four Points of Posture™ Program and exercise movements