What to do when your not working out?

Personal Trainer Philadelphia addresses Active Rest and Over Training!(results may vary)

Often I get asked the quesiton, what do I do when im on vacation? do I need to hit the gym? What is there isn’t one available?
Well, like anything else, exercise has a bell curve. There is a certain dose appropropriate for anyone. Not everyone can train like a professional athlete. Not everyone can powerlift. So it is your Personal Trainer in Philadelphia’s responsability to figure out how often you should workout , at what intensity and so forth.
I always advise clients to take some time off. In fact it is a good idea to do so and remain active. If you just spend 8 weeks working out, a few days off is not a bad idea. It is called active rest. Take a walk, ride a bike, keep moving, just not necessarily with the need to lift weights.
Swimming is a great way to exercise also! Phil Nicolaou, your Personal Trainer in Philadelphia can help you figure all of this out! Especially if you are just starting out! Contact Dr. Phil, your Trainer in Philadelphia TODAY!
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Here are a few things to look for to see if you are over training according to Personal Trainer Philadelphia, Dr. Phil Nicolaou.

  1. Chronic fatigue
    2. Overly sore joints and muscles
    3. Willingnessto go to the gym.. but you are kind of dragging.
    4. Lack of appetite
    5. Insomnia
    6. Reoccuring cold or sickness

Its been proven that for weight lifting specifically 45-60 minutes is the MAX you should be spending! If you are spending too much time in the gym, you are being counterproductive.
Let’s get you maximum results in the most effecient way possible!
Let your Personal Trainer in Philadelphia, Dr. Phil Nicolaou help you figure out what is appropropriate for you!