Wellness Coaching Philadelphia

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Are you stressed out about work? Is that effecting your ability to stay on track with your workout and good eating habits? Need help achieving a lifestyle change? I can help you with that!
Wellness Coaching Philadelphia is a combination of traditional life coaching, lifestyle fitness coaching, organic living, corporate wellness, sound nutrition, exercise and stress management!
Phil Nicolaou, In home Personal Trainer Philadelphia and Wellness Coach in Philadelphia offers you this service as part of his complete package. It enables us to dive into various parts of your life, occupation, social, personal and other aspects to determine how to make your life a well rounded, wheel, if you will. Wellness Coaching in Philadelphia looks at the complete YOU. Its not just a workout where I count the reps and tell you what to do next. We sit down together and we analyze stress at work, personal life, bad and good habits and put a road map together to get you ultimate success. Because the truth is, spending an hour at the gym 3 or more times a week, only to leave and go back to the same poor habits will only keep you spinning your wheels, not moving forward. Wellness Coaching in Philadelphia ads another dimension to “personal training program” allowing me, the fitness professional and you, the client to achieve the optimal results!

Let me be your guide on your journey to a lifestyle change. I will be able to identify what areas of your life you are not completely satisfied with, visually, as we work together giving you complete wellness! Let me be your Wellness Coach in Philadelphia.