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You know how they (whoever “they” are) say people come and go in your life when you need them to? Well Phil is a person that came into my life and haas made an amazing impact. I met him over a year ago (May 2012) when I first signed up for his boot camp. Now, over a year later; I’m still participating in his boot camp and training. Phil is educated, informative and energized. I appreciate that he knows how to push me hard during a session and encourages me to go beyond my comfort zones in a safe way. I leave a challenging 1-hour session 3x a week, feeling so energized and proud of myself (and very sweaty!). Phil knows his “stuff” –exercises, modifying drills/exercises when needed, nutritional tips, etc… All of this makes up a great package in a personal trainer. Phil truly cares about his clients and that shows when you work with him. The personal touch is what separates him from other gyms/trainers I’ve worked with over the years.
Obviously, as you read—I can’t say enough great things about my relationship and experience with Phil. Because of him- I’ve finally been able to commit to a fitness routine, be accountable to myself and I have seen fantastic results.
He is an asset to any client or business he works with. His client’s success is his success and will be your center’s success as well.

Let’s get you the same NEW BODY NOW! Call Phil today at 610-574-3587.

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