(Resulrs may vary)Carol contacted me via my website in July of 2010. Her goals were to drop some pounds, feel younger and more energetic. She had worked with a trainer before but had stopped. (FYI: As of May 2011, 25 pounds of weight is gone!)
I told Carol we can achieve her goals in a matter of weeks. I took her through a simple assessment, testing her flexibility, taking her girth measurements, body fat, upper and lower body endurance and balance. She was already active, doing work around the house and what not.
I started her on a circuit type of weight training program. Keeping her heart rate elevated for the duration of our 30 minute session. The exercises varied, incorporating balance exercises, compound movements, supersets, and a lot of core conditioning.
She also followed a sensible nutrition program consisting of whole foods, plenty of fruits and vegetables and fiber!
As soon as we started to workout, within just a few sessions she noticed her weight started to drop and her clothing becoming more loose.
She took her measurements and after weeks of training with me, and eating well, she lost several inches off of her thighs, chest, waist and dropped over 25 pounds.
Her total inches lost were lost 6″ in hips, 3 1/2″ waist, 3″ thighs, and 1″ chest
To quote her “I’m so happy to be back to “normal”. You have been a major part of my transformation. So thank you for pushing me. :))) “

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