Senior Fitness Philadelphia

Senior Fitness in Philadelphia!

Philadelphia In home Personal Trainer, Dr Phil Nicolaou offers comprehensive fitness programs for seniors looking to live well and maintain their strength!
Your IFPA Senior Fitness Specialist is designed to teach the essentials fundamentals for training seniors in health and fitness. This revolutionary program provides the training techniques and safety guidelines that can be applied to all senior fitness training programs. I can provide the motivation and custom exercise selection and design to help you keep your strength and longevity!
As people age, they become more and more physically unfit. Our bones tend to become brittle and we tend to lose our ability to move well! As your senior fitness in Philadelphia Trainer, I can help you devise a program best suited to your needs. My system for senior fitness in Philadelphia focuses on core strength, balance and muscle strength! It is not just muscle strength!

Are you a senior citizen over 55 and want to keep your body running as optimal as possible? Phil Nicolaoul In home Personal Trainer Philadelphia can help!  Get the balance you need to prevent falls and injuries. Get the bone density strenghtening exercise you need to stay strong and make daily life easier and keep your independance as long as you can!  Its never too late to ehance your lifestyle!

“Phil has been my personal trainer for 4 years, coming out to my home twice a week. Prior to meeting him I was a sedentary 57 year old woman who had worked out with personal trainers years before when I had joined gyms.
Unlike the other personal trainers worked with, Phil really listens and creates interesting and varied workouts that challenge me without overtaxing my abilities. Gradually, I’m becoming more fit and have more energy. The other thing that I appreciate about him is that he follows up with me on a regular basis to find out how ;m doing and to gently and with humor encourage me to do my cardio in-between visits
Sue S. Glen Mills,Pa
Andrew G. Main Line,PA
Phil is punctual, reliable, well-trained in his field, pleasant, calm, and has a relaxed, steady temperament, but also continually tries to push me to do the most I can do without over doing it. He is good about positively reinforcing performance so that you feel good about having pushed yourself to do a little more (or a little heavier, etc.) each session. He is a gentle man (and a gentleman) and is patient with Medicare cardholders like me who may lack the strength and skill of young athletes, but want to be reasonably fit and keep the old gears well-oiled. He is flexible and client-oriented in scheduling and being accommodating, yet is always on time. All around, he is excellent.”

Our program design is specifically for senior citizens. We have the training and expertise to help anyone over 60 in the senior fitness in Philadelphia.

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