Personal Training in Philly

I keep the rates affordable. For $50 per hour you will get the following:

What do you get with me for the rate of $50 per session? Compared to 70+ from my competitors. For this flat rate, you get custom designed nutrition planning which normally costs extra. 

  • I custom design a complete workout for you to help you lose the weight/body fat.
  • I take you through a comprehensive fitness assessment and body diagnostic analysis.
  • I prescribe your cardio training, weight training and flexibility training per individual need.
  • I design your muscle imbalance/posture correction exercises.
  • I design your custom meal plan to fit your lifestyle, not the other way around.
  • I look at what affects your lifestyle and what stress you have and how it affects your wellness lifestyle. I help you devise a plan to manage your life stress as your Lifestyle and Weight Management coach. Whether you are a stress eater, or just have a stressful occupation, I help you manage that as a Certified Stress Management Coach.
  • I advise you on proper sleep habits to help you get the best sleep possible as that has a major impact on health and well being!
  • I help you recover and rehab an injury.
  • Work with the elite in the field, a PhD of Fitness Training and Medical Fitness and Quad Master Trainer.
  • You won’t find a more complete approach anywhere! 

So contact me NOW for your free assessment and free session, your fitness solution, personal training in Philly!
personal training in philly