Fad diets

Philly Personal Trainer offers nutrition insight! (Results may vary)

Dr. Phil Nicolaou, also a Nationally Certified NutritionCoach by the ISSA,IFPA NESTA and NASM, offers insight on fad diets!~ 
Many clients in the past have asked me, how is this pill? Does it work? Can I eat anything and drop weight? How about this new fat burnersi? It is supposed to block fat from being absorbed. Does it help me lose weight?
First of what constitutes a fad diet? Dr. Phil Nicolaou In Home Personal Trainer Philadelphia and Nutrition Coach suggests:
A few things to look out for when determining what a fad diet is.

  1. Does it require the use of protein shakes or potions to replace entire meals for a long duration? As a snack or as part of your overall caloric management it is ok. However the body needs whole food. Any meal plan that consists of every meal replaced by a protein shake is not sustainable and costly
  2. Does it require the use of a pill? Alli, for instance is a scam. Does it block fat, the verdict is still out. Don’t be fooled. Just because the FDA approves something doesn’t mean it is effective. Why would you invest $50 in a bottle of fat blocking pills? How about you just eat less Trans fat and saturated fat and more omega 3 and 6 fat? That way you won’t need the pill! It is proven that eating a good amount of “good fat” in a day will decrease your body fat! Try fish oils!
  3. Does the program promise amazing 20-pound weight loss in 30 days or your money back? You could loose weight, but remember the scale tells only a part of the story! You could drop 2-4 pounds of week and the scale will reflect this BUT is it muscle you are loosing? Most likely.  It is possible, and backed by science to loose 2 ibs of fat per week, max. Anything more is not healthy nor is it backed by science.
  4. I have done weight watchers and I’ve dropped 20 pounds this month. Ok, first weight watchers is a franchise that is having problems. Why you may ask? Because their focus is strictly on the scale and on fiber. On this program many of my clients have dropped weight, but guess what, they come to me in a cry for help because what they were dropping was muscle weight! If you do not use your muscle, you will loose it! You cannot loose fat by just cutting down portions. You need to build muscle. With weight watchers, LA weight loss, the focus is on the scale. How much you weigh is not important. How much fat is on your body is. I have had clients come to me from la weight loss and weight watchers, loosing pounds, but it was muscle weight and they ended up fatter. In plain English, watch out for the “weight loss” centers. While portion control is critical, their method is very flawed and that is why their enrollment is dropping!
  5. No substitute for whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, portion control and exercise. Sorry!  You want the fat to come off; there is no way around hard work and dedication!
  6. If you want to boost your metabolism, there are a few supplements that do aide in that, but they are no magic pill. Cayenne Pepper,colues forskoli Caffeine, 7 keto, and Green tea to name a few. These can help, when you are under a caloric restricted diet and exercising regularly.

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To start smart, I don’t like to use the word “dieting” with clients because it has negative connotations.
Healthy eating is a better approach that better explains the entire concept. Healthy eating is a lifelong commitment you make to yourself. It is a lifestyle change.
There is no way to eat smart for a month, drop the fat and then go back to eating bad. Do you value your health? If so, contact Dr. Phil Nicolaou, In home personal Trainer philly today and get started on the new YOU!