Welcome to the new era in personal fitness! Whether your a male or female, experience the Optimal Performance Training system!

How is this different than traditional weight training? Well for starters we analyze and correct postutre! How many people have bad posture? Most of us do!

From there we enhance balance, core strength, flexibility and aerobic conditioning!

It doesn’t matter if your a male looking to get big or a woman looking to firm and tone your body, this system works!

Couple this with the most accurate assessment to track your progress monthly, a grocery list tailored to your liking and to your goals, a meal plan designed specifically for you with easy to prepare meals for the busy person in mind.

Learn how much of your body is fat vs muscle and what needs to happen, with specific goals in mind!

Also recipies for those that like to cook.

Travel a lot? Get access to our app to do the workouts, access the nutrition information and much much more on any android or iphone!

Work alongside a Doctor of Exercise Science and post rehab for optimal results. How many trainers in the City of Philadelphia have this high level of education which results in knowing the latest science and evidence to help you get to your goals FAST!