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How To Be Heart Healthy – Prevention & Prescription By Dr. Phil Personal Trainer  Philadelphia

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The symbol of love is Cupid shooting an arrow through your heart so you fall in love with your Lady! That may not hurt immediately, but just wait until she starts dragging you away from your workout buddies and your Workouts! Your heart stays healthy only when you keep it working! Spend too much time in front of a screen watching “Chick Flicks” with your Lady, and the health of your heart, and every other organ in your body begins to decline! The decline could be drastic enough that when your Lady wants to get amorous, you may find your performance has declined. Continue a Couch Potato Lifestyle, and soon your performance is as effective as Michael Moore running the 100 Meter Sprint against Usain Bolt. Usain Bolt can run 100 Meters in 9.58 seconds! Micheal Moore started his 100 Meter’s 9.58 WEEKS ago and has yet to finish.
Males have an Early Warning Sign that their heart is failing. Drug companies would prefer you not to learn this fact, but IFPA Certified Personal Trainers have learned that in reality, Erectile Disfunction( ED ) is your sign that your heart, cardiovascular and cardiorespiratory systems are failing. If you are male, and are having problems getting “UP” for the Main Event, you are literally and figuratively only “inches” from having Heart Disease! Ladies, and Dr. Phil Personal Trainer Philadelphia can help you!
Personal Trainer Philadelphia, Dr. Phil  knows that Heart Disease is the Number ONE Killer World-Wide! It causes both premature death and destroys your sex life! BUT…You can prevent that being your fate by maintaining your Aerobic Endurance within your Fitness Program! U.S. Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall once said “I have a Life-Time Appointment and I intend to serve it. I expect to die at 110, in bed, shot by a jealous husband! It’s not true, but I challenge anyone to say it is not a goal worth working for!” You will fail both goals if you do not make Aerobic Endurance part of your training.
To give you a few challenges you may find even more worthy: The Journal of Cardiac Medicine reported that the most accurate test they can give their heart patients to determine their risk of dying of a cardiac event is their time in the One Mile: Walk-Jog-Run Test! Every IFPA Certified Personal Trainer knows how to use this test to determine their clients’ Aerobic Endurance and Fitness.

In the same Research, it was reported that if you can get your time in the One Mile Test to 8 minutes or less, you had a very low risk of dying of a cardiac event! Though the Research made no correlation with your sexual performance, it is easy see that you would feel increased performance in and out of the bedroom, WITHOUT the use of the “little blue pill!” Allow Personal Trainer Philadelphia, Dr. Phil to help!

The point is, the premature death described here is completely preventable! Master Athletes (men and woman 30-105+ years of age, are now provided volumes of evidence that maintaining high levels of physical conditioning enable these Master Athletes in their 80’s+ to out perform untrained people in their 20’s and 30’s! CORRECT! You read that right! Master Athletes, Men and Women in their 80’s can out perform untrained 20 and 30 year olds in all 12 IFPA Components of Fitness!

You can maintain a healthy level of Aerobic Endurance without having to become a Marathon Runner. Getting your One Mile time to 8 minutes or less, does not take as much effort as you think. Assuming you are near normal weight and you do not have heart disease, you can probably achieve that goal in 3-6 months! Since it is unlikely the U.S. Government is going to come out with a Regulation any time soon requiring you to pay a $795 fine unless you can beat that time, if it takes you a year, So WHAT?

Now if you are determined to place emphasis on your fitness training based on strength training, you may be reluctant to incorporate Aerobic Training into your program due to lack of time or concern that too much cardio exercise will inhibit muscle gain. While it is true that high volume aerobic activity will prevent muscular hypertrophy, there is an easy way to incorporate enough aerobic activity to keep your cardiac systems healthy, within a reasonable amount of time, and still build muscle mass.

What is the precise amount of cardio activity that begins to stifle your muscular hypertrophy has not been determined. It is highly likely that your threshold of inhibiting muscular hypertrophy is probably a product of the Principle of Individuality. What is too much cardio exercise for you may not be the same for one of your Personal Training clients! The following 4 Day on—One Day off Exercise Program is designed to keep everyone below the point that inhibition will occur. Need more specific information, contact Personal Trainer in Philadelphia, Dr. Phil Nicolaou

This Program is also designed to minimize the time you need for Cardio Exercise. This is the best way for you to “Have your Cake, and Eat it TOO!” Since Nutrition Nazi’s cringe at the thought of anyone eating cake, I will make an allowance for you: “You can have your KALE and Eat it TOO!”

Since there are more muscles and groups in the Upper Body, upper body exercises are divided into 2 Days, Day 1 and Day 3. Day 2 is Legs to give your upper body a break and enable adequate rest to your Anterior deltoid and Rotator Cuff muscles that are used on both days. Without adequate rest, over training occurs leading to Anterior Deltoid Syndrome or torn Rotators. Get a specific routine designed by a fitness professional and personal trainer Philadelphia, Dr. Phil Nicolaou.

You will do “Light Cardio” (Warm-Up) and “Light Cardio and stretching(Cool Down) on every Workout(WO) as specified in your IFPA Book on Personal Training. The Cardio for your Warm-Up and Cool Down will be at 60-70% of Maximum Heart Rate(MHR) the Classic “Fat Loss Training” Zone. Day 4 is your High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Cardio. Personal Trainer in Philadelphia, Dr. Phil Nicolaou can help!
Solid research from McMasters University demonstrated that 2 high intensity training sessions per week at very low volume (time) showed more cardio improvement than 6-7 days per week at the Fat Loss Training Zone performed for 45-60 minutes per day! The amount of total sets you performed is based on the Individuality Principle, age, condition, goals, etc.  Personal trainer Philadelphia, Dr. Phil nicolaou can help you devise the perfect program for heart health!

Article courtesy of the IFPA.