Home Trainer Philadelphia For Chronic Conditions

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Exercise prescription can be the very best treatment protocols for the myriad chronic diseases, disabilities and dysfunctions afflicting our society. As a In Home Personal Trianer in Philadelphia for diabetes and an IFPA Certfied Special Population Fitness Trainer, you can be sure that I am well positioned to aid you in your goals for a healthier, happier.  I specialize in exercise prescription for adults or children with diabetes, hypertension, and many other chronic diseases.
Allow Home Trainer Philadelphia, Phil Nicolaou to help you manage any condition with a properly designed exercise program!

  • Exercise Management for 49 different chronic diseases, disabilities and dysfunctions.
  • New treatments and protocols within the realm of personal training for metabolic syndrome, stress and anxiety disorder, multiple chronic conditions, fibromyalgia and the other 49 conditions.
  • Seamlessly integrate your physician case into your personal training
  • Use safe, effective, and targeted rehabilitation exercises for sports medicine protocols
  • Rehab various injuries and difference muscle, joint, and bone sports medicine injuries and dysfunctions

My problem-oriented approach to exercise and disease management will have you feeling stronger and more flexible!  Exercise is the best medicine!
Please visit  www.MesotheliomaGroup.com for information on this special needs population that we can help with, In Home Personal Trainer Phil Nicolaou, as a IFPA Certified Special Needs Trainer!

Home Trainer Philadelphia, and Certified Special Populations Trainer by the IFPA.

Nationally certified by leading fitness schools to help clients manage their chronic health challenges. As your Personal Trainer Philadelphia for Diabetes and other conditions.