Center City Philadelphia Personal Trainer addresses Low T


Center City Philadelphia Personal Trainer Addresses Low T

All too often I’ve seen male clients in their 30-45 age range with the inability to eliminate body fat! No matter how hard they exercise and how clean their diet is, it just doesn’t happen.
One often overlooked component of a fitness program is hormone optimization! Are your hormones paving the way to lean out, build muscle and burn fat or are they paving the way for you to keep gaining body fat as your workout and eat well?
Center City Personal Trainer Dr. Phil Nicolaou can help you determine if your Testosterone levels are in fact low! This is not intended to be in place of medical advise nor is it a diagnosis. However there are signs to look for if a male who is younger has low T. Center City Personal Trainer, Dr .Phil Nicolaou first looks for a midseciton that simply won’t go away! That spare tire? Have one? If your diet is in check and you sleep good and feel rested in the morning and are dreaming and exercise regularly, yet can’t change your body composition, your hormones may be off! Your doctor can determine if you are suffering from Low T. Keep in mind however, the lab ranges for different labs can vary and low normal may not be optimal for you! Center City Philadelphia Personal Trainer can help you uncover low T which then needs to be diagnosed by a doctor!
Sleep is also a major contributor to testosterone in men! Center City Personal Trainer, Dr. Phil suggests his clients get at least 7 hours of restful sleep at night! Good sleep contribute to many things, fat loss, increased metabolsim and also contributes to healthy hormone levels! Dr Phil Nicolaou, Center City Personal Trainer can help you devise a solid sleep schedule to enhance fat loss!

You’re exhausted, but you toss and turn every night with insomnia. Maybe you’ve been diagnosed with sleep apnea or another sleeping disorder.
The more difficulty a man has sleeping, the more likely his testosterone will drop. A study done in 2011 found that a single week of sleep loss lowered testosterone levels by as much as 15% in a group of healthy, young men.
Further research found that 15% of adult workers in the U.S. get 5 hours of sleep or less per night, which suggests that level of sleep loss could have a negative consequence on a man’s testosterone levels and general well-being.
It’s a bit of a chicken and egg situation: poor sleep patterns lower testosterone and low testosterone can lead to poor sleep. If you improve your testosterone levels, your quality of sleep will improve.
If you are having difficulty sleeping and experience any of the other symptoms below, we encourage you to get your testosterone levels checked! Center City Philadelphia Personal Trainer can help you optimize your fitness regimen while your doctor corrects your hormone levels!
Please keep in mind, these are suggestions for men suffering from the possibility of Low T. It is not intended to used as medical advise or diagnose you. Center City Philadelphia Personal Trainer is not a medical professional, he is just suggesting signs to look for that could potentially be a hormone imbalance.

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