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Hello Im Dr. Phil Nicolaou. Welcome to Optimal Fitness and Nutrition. I have been in this industry since 1999 , I’ve worked in health clubs and since 2008 decided to branch out on my own. My issue was the lack of quality of training in the industry. Too many trainers simply count reps and sets and fail to truly give a custom workout! Exercise science has evolved! I wanted to offer my Optimum Performance Training system as your personal trainer in south jersey.


As your personal trainer South jersey, I analyze your sleep ! People don’t sleep well, and don’t move well! Its no longer just about lifting weights!

As your personal trainer south jersey, I make sure to look at YOUR posture and see how your body is moving to make sure it is moving the way it was designed to before I simply put you through a resistance workout!

I coach on proper sleep habits that help you in overall wellness! In fact lack of sleep  leads to countless chronic conditions in and of itself!

As your personal trainer south jersey, I coach you on stress management techniques and diet as well!

You will be hard pressed to find a more all inclusive fitness service in South Jersey

With my system you WILL experience with the Optimum Performance Training System in just weeks:

Loss of body fat-through a specific training system designed to have you burn calories up to 48 hours after your workout. In addition get a custom designed meal plan designed for YOUR body type! Learn what to eat and when to melt the fat ,build muscle and boost your metabolism!

Increased Lean Body Mass

Great balance

Great Core Stability and Strength (eliminating back pain)

Enhanced Posture (avoid joint injury) 

That lean and fit look! 

Learn how to maximize your sleep to feel great in the morning!

Learn how to manage stress that can hinder your results!

Learn how to optimize your hormone production to maximize muscle building and fat loss.

Fit into those skinny jeans or old favorite clothes guaranteed!

Need Rehab? I’m also a Certified Post Rehab Specialist. 

Contact Dr. Phil Nicolaou, your personal trainer south jersey today to get YOUR Transformation!

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