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Super Slow Training

Super Slow Training was popularized by Mike Mentzer in the 1970s. Super-slow was part of his heavy-duty system that has today become known as High Intensity Training. Arthur Jones the inventor of Nautilus Strength Training machines worked with Mike to develop his systems that included: tri-sets, giant sets, super slow, forced reps, stripping and other high intensity training programs. Mikes training systems lead to great bodybuilding success (he won several major bodybuilding titles). Over the past few years several research articles have been published all showing quite clearly that Mike was right. Its unfortunate that his untimely death precluded him

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Benefits of Flexibility Training

Flexibility is one of the most overlooked Components of Fitness among both the athletic and non-athletic populations. For the non-athletic, lack of flexibility and a functional range of motion (ROM) around a joint can cause pain and discomfort. Low back pain syndrome is usually caused by lack of flexibility, poor strength and poor anaerobic endurance in the back and surrounding muscles groups (i.e. hip flexors). The athletic population does not spend that appropriate amount of time on their flexibility preferring to spend their time on the more "Showy" Components of Fitness. This decision leads to numerous athletic injuries. Athletes require

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Renew Your Fitness Program this Spring

(as seen on Spring symbolizes fresh beginnings. As nature around us comes to life, we too are inspired to start "anew." If you are one of about 30 percent of Americans who, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, are not physically active, what better time than spring to turn over a new leaf – both literally and figuratively! "Of course, regular and continuous exercise – regardless of weather or seasons – is best, but for those who have been inactive, now is a great opportunity to start or re-start a fitness routine," says Phil Nicolaou, owner of Chester

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Bench Pressing and Shoulder Pain

Many weightlifters complain of shoulder pain when doing the bench press. This complaint is usually addressed clinically with a systematic formula consistent of NSAIDs and rest, with an unspecific justification coming from physician and goes like: "You could be starting a Tendonitis!" – But what is Tendonitis anyway? After finishing the NSAIDs course and the rest period, the story usually goes on with the pain reappearing – and sometimes worse than it began. Things will start going in the favor of the athlete when they go consult with a Sports Medicine doctor or a Physical Therapist specialized in Sports Medicine.

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Mayo Clinic Researchers New Announcement: Lack of Exercise should be treated as a medical condition by Doctors

This is a huge building block in the bridge we fitness professionals need to build to the medical community. In the U.S.A., we now have exceeded $3 Trillion a year in medical and health-care costs. We know that 80%-90% of those costs are a direct result of the lifestyle choices of American's. We know that providing Personal Training services that would train, educate and teach every man, woman, and child in the U.S.A. to begin a healthy eating and health exercise program, would not only reduce the cost of medical care, but dramatically improve longevity, health and happiness of our

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Trainers in Philadelphia

Trainers in Philadelphia has some Lifestyle tips for you to help you transform your life!   "No citizen has a right to be amateur in the matter of physical training…. What a disgrace it is for a man to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable." —Socrates You probably realize that many people gain weight (FAT) each and every year — that's because so many people are physically inactive, they lose muscle mass each and every year! The loss of muscle mass not only decreases the metabolic rate, but also causes the

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