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      8 Weeks to Your New Body!

      Loose Weight, Get Fit & Gain Energy

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      8 Weeks to Your New Body!

      Loose Weight, Get Fit & Gain Energy

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      8 Weeks to Your New Body!

      Loose Weight, Get Fit & Gain Energy

    Dr. Phil Nicolaou, a Multi Certified Master Philadelphia Personal Trainer  has a unique training system to get you the best results period! Experience a workout like no other! Gone are the days of just traditional weight lifting to get results! There is much more to a complete fitness program.

    Do you lack energy daily? Are you out of breath? Do you struggle to fit into your old, favorite skirts or jeans? Are you not happy with your stomach? Want more muscle tone?

    No other In home personal trainer in Philadelphia has my combined, education and experience. Does your trainer have a PhD? Does he or she have 4 Master Trainer Designations? There IS a difference between a “certified personal trainer” and a trainer who has a PhD in Exercise Science and has 4 Master Trainer Certifications from 4 of the top fitness schools in the country! 

    Are you tired of failed fad diets? Are you lacking motivation? Are you unsure of what to do or how to do it? Need accountability?Let In Home Philadelphia Personal Trainer Phil Nicolaou help you out! Do you want to look and feel your best?  I have the expertise to help you!

    Philadelphia Personal Trainers bring the workout to your home, or office, or even have access to a facility in Center city Philadelphia to work with you. Allow Philadelphia Personal Trainer Phil Nicolaou get you results NOW!


    Want to know what I do to help you?






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    As a PhD in Fitness Training and a Multi Master Certified Personal Trainer, Philadelphia Personal Trainer can get you the best results, PERIOD! I bring the workout to you with my in home personal trainer Philadelphia service.

    When you decide to work with Phil Nicolaou and Philadelphia Personal Trainers whether it is in home personal training , you are working with the best. You are getting a fitness professional, not a rep counter, but someone who has in depth education and experience. Not someone who enjoys working out as a hobby. I don’t think a hobbyist would complete a Doctoral degree for a hobby.

    I will come to you, as a your In Home Personal Trainer Philadelphia ,and look at your lifestyle. We will look at each aspect of you life and how to maximize it so that we maximize your chances of success. I look at diet, exercise, and lifestyle. I believe that Philadelphia Personal Training has to be custom tailored to you the individual. One of the key differences I offer and incorporate which very few do is corrective exercise. How well do you move? This allows Philadelphia Personal Trainer Phil Nicolaou to find the weak link in your body and fix it, giving you the best in custom design and the best in results for your in home personal training in Philadelphia.


    • I custom design a complete workout for you to help you lose the weight/body fat.
    • I prescrive your cardio training.
    • I design your muscle imbalance/posture correction exercises.
    • I design your custom meal plan.
    • I look at what affects your lifestyle and what stress you have and how it affects your wellness lifestyle.

    As a Philadelphia Personal Trainer and Stress Management Coach and Lifestyle Weight Management coach I will be your guide to your complete and total body and life transformation! Together we will devise a plan to address lifestyle and fit it a training program to your lifestyle to maximize your results! Only In Home Philadelphia Personal Trainer combines your lifestyle, stress’s diet and corrective exercise into one big equation to figure what will help you!

    Philadelphia Personal Trainer Phil Nicolaou is also Certified as a Corrective Exercise Specialist which allows him to find your weakest link and correct it, giving you the best and ultimate in custom design! Read more about that. 

    Answer the following questions:

    1. Do you suffer from low back pain?
    2. Are you overweight?
    3. Do you lack energy?
    4. Can you fit into your clothes?
    5. Do you have excess stress?
    6. Do you need food guidance?

    If you answered yes to any of the above you need Philadelphia Personal Trainer Phil Nicolaou’s help! Let’s get you off the medication and get your body through optimum performance and optimal health!


    Philadelphia Personal Trainer Phil Nicolaou knows that muscle imbalances prevent the body from functioning properly through every day life. So if they are not corrected, they will hinder your results! Everyone has them, it is a matter of finding them, correcting them then proceeding with the result of the Optimum Performance Training Model, step by step for the best results! Philadelphia Personal Trainers has the systems, the plan and the expertise to get you results, NOW!

    Philadelphia In Home Personal Trainer Phil Nicolaou can help you get the body you want! Alleviating back problems, strengthening your core, build muscle, burn fat, all in a very unique and fun way! All of this done in the comfort of your own home with our in home personal training services.


    Philadelphia Personal Trainer Phil Nicolaou also understands that nutrition is a big part. Let him fine tune and manipulate your nutrition intake. A few key strategies in nutritional intake can help boost the metabolism and really burn off the fat. Best part is this can all be done right in the comfort of your own home with our in home personal training services.

    Imagine in just a few shorts weeks you will get the body you want ! Let Phil Nicolaou, Philadelphia’s Persona Trainer get you there with his in home Philadelphia Personal Trainer service.

    “Dr. Phil Nicolaou is an Outstanding Philadelphia Personal Trainer . His dedication lead to him acquiring a PhD in Medical Fitness Specialization so he could do the very best job possible for everyone he encounters! He is focused on helping others do their best and become their best!” Dr. Jim Bell CEO IFPA. 



    I’ll provide you with the guidance and knowledge to achieve the results you want. Let me help you lose the weight, firm and tone and get your body back NOW! Train in your home with an affordable, unique and effective in home personal training service.

    If you want results in the most effective way, contact Philadelphia Personal Trainer Phil Nicolaou NOW!

    Bringing the workout to you as your  In Home Personal Trainer Philadelphia.